As soon as Massage Director Ogino took the helm of OK Financial Group’s Thing Man, he raised the team to the top.

OK Financial Group, led by Massage Director Ogino, held Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance 3-1 (25-23, 25-22, 25-23, 25 – 20) and won the championship.

The first official match after Ogino’s appointment. OK Financial Group, which had no winning experience even after reaching the finals of the cup competition three times in 2015, 2019, and 2021, lifted the championship trophy at the end of the ‘3 out of 4’.

After the game, coach Ogino said, “I didn’t think about winning at all.” “It was meaningful to participate in the official game. I came to Korea on June 1st and two months later, I played five official games. This tournament was a good test match. It’s done.” I looked back.

“The cup competition and the V-League are completely different. There are difficult parts in the schedule, such as twice a week matches, and there may be injuries. Because it is such a long race, all players must play an active part,” he said. We try to make a team with a thick player base while all players practice the same, without dividing it into two groups, Team A and Team B.”

Coach Ogino, who has already become friendly with the players. When asked about the secret of communication with coach Ogino, he said, “I told the players not to call me the manager. The manager, coaches, and players are living in a flat environment, not up and down.안전놀이터

He also said, “I asked for several remarks so that the coaches could also talk about what they were thinking. The players listened to the coaches, and the coaches gave instructions with confidence, so everyone is having fun with trust.”

At the end of the interview, Director Ogino asked his reporters if they felt the change from OK Financial Group to a bright and good team. When I said that, director Ogino said, “Then I will continue,” and left the interview room with a smile.

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