English Premier League Tottenham Harry Kane will eventually move to Bayern Munich. Kane boarded a plane to Germany for a medical test at Bayern Munich on Friday local time.

Kane flew to Germany this afternoon with his wife, Kate Goodland. Kane, who arrived at the airport, was escorted by the club and went straight to the hospital to check her condition. Bayern Munich fans flocked to Kane wherever she went, cheering and cheering for her.

It was Harry Kane who succeeded in riding Tottenham in two months, but on the contrary, the director seems to be dying. This is because Tottenham’s manager is a rookie manager in the EPL. Manager Engie Postecoglu took over the Premier League manager for the first time in June ahead of this season.

On June 6, Tottenham appointed Postecoglu, who had been manager of Scotland’s Celtic, as their new head coach. His contract was for four years.

Tottenham fans actually sighed when they saw Postecoglu. This is because he had no experience in the big leagues, not just the EPL. He only coached in the Scottish League, Japan’s J-League, and Australia’s A-League. Although he was recognized for his leadership by winning Celtic, Tottenham fans were disappointed.

However, Postecoglu spoke for the first time after the official announcement of Kane’s transfer, which had been dragged on for two months. According to an article reported by The Sun on the 12th, Tottenham’s plans will change in the future due to Kane’s transfer, and they have already prepared numerous plans under the assumption that Kane will leave. It showed a ‘sense of boredom’. It’s not ‘confidence without grounds’, it’s ‘confidence with grounds’.

“Kane is leaving for Bayern,” Postecoglu said. It gives us some clarity, so we plan to move forward without Kane.” “We have been preparing for Harry Kane’s move. A lot of our training so far has had that in mind. The transfer of Harry Kane does not dramatically change my plans.”

Coach Postecoglu has prepared several plans with Kane’s transfer as a constant. It is said that Kane had a meeting with Postecoglu on the first day he arrived at the team and revealed his candid thoughts. This is because Kane revealed to the new manager, “If the Tottenham club agrees to the transfer, I will transfer.” Kane’s heart has already left Tottenham after the end of last season.

No official announcement has been made yet, but the deal with Tottenham and Bayern Munich has already been finalized. Both sides agreed, and so did Harry Kane.스포츠토토

According to British media reports, Bayern Munich will pay Tottenham 86 million pounds (approximately 145.5 billion won) as a transfer fee. Including options, the amount amounts to approximately £100 million (approximately 169.2 billion won).

Kane, who received £200,000 a week from Tottenham, decided to receive £415,000 a week from Bayern Munich. It is a huge amount that has more than doubled to about 700 million won. His contract is for 4 years.

When Kane’s transfer is officially announced, Kane, who entered the Tottenham Academy at the age of 11, will leave Tottenham after 19 years.

In the meantime, Kane has scored 280 goals in 435 games for Tottenham. He scored 213 goals in the Premier League alone. He was 47 goals away from EPL record holder Aaron Shearer’s record of 260 goals. Unfortunately, however, Kane decided to leave the EPL and go to the Bundesliga, and since the contract period is four years, even if he returns to the EPL, this record will not be easy to break. In the end, it means that Kane was more thirsty for the trophy than his record.

Kane leaves Tottenham to join Bayern Munich. He had already flown to Germany for a medical examination.


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