“I’m the youngest. I am the right person to synergize with the young athletes that the IOC is focusing on.” Taekwondo Lee Dae-hoon (31)

“I spent a lot of time abroad as a team athlete. I will act as a bridge between athletes and the IOC.” Volleyball Kim Yeon-kyung (35)

“I played for the national team for 20 years, half my life. The rest of my life will be spent supporting athletes.” Shooting Jong-oh Jin (44)

“I am an active player and a member of the World Badminton Federation. I am the voice of the field.” Badminton Kim So-young (31)카지노사이트

“When I have a goal, I am persistent. I’ll walk 500 kilometers to lose 10 kilograms.” Golf Park In-bee (35)

The five South Korean candidates for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Athletes’ Commissioner position each emphasized that they were the best candidates for the job, while respecting their opponents, before a closed-door interview at the Olympic Parktel on Tuesday, organized by the Korea Sports Council. “It’s an honor to be challenged by great competitors,” they said, but when asked about their strengths, they kept it simple and clear. Archer Oh Jin-hyuk, 41, was unable to attend the interview as he was in France competing in an international tournament.

The candidates were interviewed privately in 30-minute intervals. The eight judges were selected by the Korean Olympic Committee. The candidates were tested on their English language skills, their commitment to becoming an IOC Athlete Commissioner, and their knowledge of the IOC system and situation.

Jin Jong-oh is expected to have received a high score due to his number of Olympic appearances and gold medals. Kim Yeon-kyung, who has no Olympic medals, reportedly emphasized her experience living abroad and her international network. Park In-bee, who spoke fluently in English in a pre-interview press conference, reportedly emphasized her excellent English language skills and years of preparation. Lee Dae-hoon likely emphasized the support of taekwondo practitioners from around the world. Kim So-young reportedly emphasized her strengths as an active athlete and her experience as a member of the World Federation Athletes’ Commission.

After completing the interviews, the NOC reportedly ranked the candidates from first to fifth. The rankings and scores were not disclosed. The Athletes’ Commission is expected to recommend the top three candidates to the Senate on Nov. 14, and the Senate will make the final decision. Once the finalists are decided, the Athletes’ Commission will vote on them on Sept. 16-17, and the IOC will inform the IOC of the finalists on Sept. 1.

The finalists must finish in the top four in a vote of all 10,000 athletes during next year’s Paris Olympics to become IOC members. There are 16 finalists, so the competition is 4 to 1. The IOC Athlete Commissioner serves an eight-year term and has almost the same powers as a traditional IOC member.


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