Marcos Llorente, 28, is interviewed.

Atletico Madrid won 2-1 against Manchester City in the second leg of the Coupang Play Series at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Tuesday, starting at 8:45 p.m. ET.

Llorente, who came on as a second-half substitute, contributed with his flanking runs and explosive energy to create chances. With a family full of legends, including his grandfather Francisco Hento, he was ready to shine again.

Yorente first commented on the recognition, saying, “The players who came on in the first half were taking the team’s direction. The players who came on in the second half took the same direction they had in the first half. That’s why I was able to score and help the team score two goals.”

On the first friendly in South Korea, he said, “I didn’t expect so many fans to come and show so much love. The team worked hard and prepared a lot for the season, and 꽁머니 it would be great if we could come to Korea again.”

When asked by STN Sports what he needs to do to replicate his best La Liga performance in 2021, he said, “Basically, nothing will change. I’ve been sacrificing for the team and trying to be a better player. I will continue to do that. It’s not just me, it’s every player. It’s just a matter of who achieves it and who doesn’t. I’m going to keep doing that.”

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