Park Hye-jeong (20, Goyang City Hall), a promising female weightlifter, achieved three gold medals in the heavyweight division of the World Weightlifting Championships.

Hye-jung Park lifted 124 kg in snatch, 165 kg in clean and jerk, and 289 kg in total in the women’s 87 kg and over category at the 2023 World Weightlifting Championships held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the 16th (local time). She took first place in all three categories.

Unlike the Olympics and Asian Games, there are medals for the snatch, clean and jerk, and total medals at the World Championships, and Park Hye-jung is the star of her three gold medals.

It has been two years since Son Young-hee (30, Busan Metropolitan Sports Council) that a Korean athlete won the women’s heavyweight division at the World Championships. However, at that time, China, the strongest country in weightlifting, did not participate.

In particular, Park Hye-jung is the first to achieve her triple gold medals at the World Championships in this event.

Jang Mi-ran, a ‘legend’ of Korean women’s weightlifting and the current Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, won the overall championship at the World Championships in this event a total of four times during her active career, but always gave first place to other athletes.카지노사이트

Park Hye-jung distinguished herself early on.

She set a new middle school record (total weight of 259 kg) and a new junior record (total weight of 290 kg). Last year, she won both the World Junior Championships (total of 281 kg) and the Asian Junior Championships (total of 270 kg), earning her the nickname ‘Post Jang Mi-ran’.

Entering her senior level this year, Park Hye-jung broke her personal best with a total of 295kg at the Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships held last May, and she further proved her potential by dominating the World Championships. It seemed.

In this competition, China’s Li Wenwen was selected as a strong candidate for the championship. Li Wen-Won, who has a personal record of 315 kg in total, failed to lift 130 kg in the first and second rounds of the snatch and declared withdrawal from the competition.

After taking first place in the snatch with 124 kg, Park Hye-jeong also lifted 165 kg, her highest weight in the clean and jerk, to complete her triple gold medal haul. Marie Theson-Raffen (USA) took second place with a total weight of 277 kg, and Reeses Cabezas (Ecuador) took third place with a total weight of 276 kg.

Son Young-hee, who competed together, lifted 122 kg in the snatch and came in second place after Park Hye-jung, but after failing to lift 157 kg in the first clean and jerk, she gave up the second and third trials and was unable to record a total.

Park Hye-jung and Son Young-hee will also participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games, which opens this month, and try to stop Li Wen-wen’s ‘solo play’.

Meanwhile, Jeong A-ram (25, Incheon City Hall), who competed in the women’s -87kg class, won a silver medal in snatch (107kg) and bronze medals in clean and jerk (134kg) and total (241kg).

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