Heo Seon-haeng (Suwon City Hall) suffered an unfortunate comeback loss at the 2023 Chuseok Jangsa Ssireum Competition, failing to achieve his second consecutive championship and his first Jangsa title since transferring.먹튀검증

Heo Seon-haeng, who is coached by coach Lee Chung-yeop, unfortunately lost 2-3 to Yoon Pil-jae (Uiseong County Office) in the Taebaek class (under 80 kg) long-distance match (best of 5 matches) on the 4th day of the competition held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 15th, and is on the verge of winning again. I sat down. Heo Seon-haeng, who was a member of the Yeongam Folk Ssireum Team last year and won the Chuseok Grand Prize, failed to reach the top of the competition.

Heo Seon-haeng, who received a seed and went straight to the quarterfinals, faced Lee Gwang-seok (Ulju County Office) in the quarterfinals and won 2-0 with a wild batting technique and a brilliant flipping technique, and then won two rounds with a leg against team senior Moon Jun-seok in the semifinals. He gave up one game with a brace and won 2-1 and advanced to the finals.

In the finals, Heo Seon-haeng defeated Yoon Pil-jae, who also beat Noh Beom-soo (Ulju County Office), the strongest player in his weight class, 2-1 in the semifinals, and won the first game with a fieldman to dominate the baseline, but was defeated by his opponent’s surprise bar hook in the second game, allowing the score to be tied. .

Heo Seon-haeng took the lead again with the flipping technique, which was his third game, but in the previous competition, Jecheon Jangsa Yoon Pil-jae used his experience to succeed in the fourth and fifth board games in a row, securing Heo Seon-haeng’s first title since his transfer and his second consecutive victory in the tournament. blocked.


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