We have to get paid somehow.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are struggling to deal with Kylian Mbappe. Mbappe’s move to Real Madrid next summer is already set in stone.

The problem is that Mbappe will be a free agent next summer. In that case, PSG will have to sell the best player in the world to Real Madrid for no transfer fee.

Mbappe is not willing to sign an extension with PSG. PSG will have to sell Mbappe this summer for a fee somehow.

PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi is visibly upset. “I will never see my best player leave for free. It doesn’t happen,” he said, putting Mbappe on the transfer market.메이저놀이터

Mbappe is a free agent and wants to join Real Madrid.

Mbappe rejected an offer from Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal. Al-Hilal recently offered PSG £259 million for Mbappe. Including Mbappe’s salary, the total package was worth £700 million ($1,615 million).

Mbappe was stubborn about staying in Europe. No amount of money would get him to Saudi Arabia.

The most likely option now is a one-year loan to Chelsea. Not long ago, Chelsea president Todd Boeli personally called Kelaifi to ask him about Mbappe.

“Mbappe could join Chelsea this summer on a one-year deal, with the condition that he joins Real Madrid as a free agent next summer,” Spanish media outlet Sport reported on Wednesday.

An outright signing would be difficult due to Mbappe’s desire to join Real Madrid. A one-year loan is a different story.

If Mbappe agrees, a move to Chelsea could be finalized quickly.

Mbappe has no reason to say no. If Mbappe stays at PSG, he may not even be able to play.

Chelsea have become the most expensive soccer team in the world since Conte took over in May last year. In the two transfer windows since his arrival, the club has spent £600 million ($995 million) on players.

But the results have been mixed. Last season, Chelsea finished 12th in the Premier League. That’s not good enough to qualify for any European competition.

The signing of Mbappe would not only boost their fortunes, but also reverse their decline. PSG would also get at least some money from Chelsea on loan.


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