Cho Myung-woo defeated American veteran Patino and advanced to the semifinals of the World 3-Cushion Championships for the first time, and will face off against ‘Vietnamese legend’ Bao Pong Binh. Another semifinal match is between ‘defending champion’ Tasdemir and Tran.

In the quarterfinals of the ’75th World 3-Cushion Championships’ held in Turkye Ankara in the early morning of the 10th (Korean time), Myungwoo Myung (world’s 6th, Seoul City Hall, Silk Road CNT) defeated Hugo Patino 50:29 (41 innings) defeated it.

In the quarterfinals, Cho Myung-woo had a difficult game due to Patino’s offensive and defensive play and frequent mistakes. His long-term high runs were only 6 and 5, and the number of empty hits reached a whopping 19 innings. From the beginning, Cho Myung-woo recorded 6 consecutive innings (2-7) and 3 consecutive innings (10-12), making it difficult to find a way to attack. The opponent, Patino’s offense, was also sluggish, and Myungwoo Myung-woo took a 9-7 lead until the 13th inning. Cho Myung-woo recorded a high 6 runs in the 16th inning and scored 20 runs in the 17th inning. (Patino scored 12 points)

However, after another 3 innings (18-20), he played hard, including hitting balls, and only reached 30 points in the 27th inning. Patino scored 23 points.

Cho Myung-woo entered the final half and although there were no long hits, he scored 1 to 3 points each to secure the victory. In the end, in the 41st inning, when the team was ahead at 45:29, the game ended with the second high 5-run score of the day. Myungwoo Cho’s average, which was 2.272 in the round of 16 against Roland Potom, was 1.219 in the quarterfinals.안전놀이터

Cho Myung-woo, who has been competing since the 72nd World 3 Cushion Championships in 2019 after being active on the junior stage, renewed his best performance at the World Championships in this competition. Previously, the best result was the round of 16 of the 74th tournament held in the East Sea in 2022. (Not held in 2020 due to COVID-19)

Cho Myung-woo’s opponent in the semifinals is ‘Vietnam’s next generation jockey’ Bao Pong Binh (28). He advanced to the semifinals for the first time by defeating Pedro Piedrabuena of the United States by one point (50:49-34 innings) in the quarterfinals. Bao, who studied abroad in Australia and received a master’s degree in economics, is a strong player who advanced to the round of 32 at the Ho Chi Minh 3-Cushion World Cup last May and is receiving high expectations as he is called ‘Vietnam’s Cho Myeong-woo.’

Typhoon Tasdemir (Turkiye) defeated Eddie Mux (Belgium) 50:31 (35 innings) and cruised to his second consecutive victory. ‘Vietnam’s strongest’ Tranquiet Chien also defeated Marco Zanetti (Italy) with 50:34 (25) and advanced to the semifinals.

The semifinals will be held today (10th) with Tasdemir-Tran at 4 p.m. and Myung-woo Myung-Bao-Ong Binh at 6:30 p.m., and the long-awaited final will be held at 10 p.m. Afreeca TV will broadcast live online.

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