○●… Lee Boong-bae, compressed into quarter-final matchup

In the quarter-finals of the 4th Lee Boong-bae Rookie of the Year held at Korea Kiwon on the 16th, Moon Min-jong 6th dan (20), Kwon Hyo-jin 6th dan (19), Kim Jeong-hyeon 1st dan (23), Kim Ki-eon 1st dan (15) They advanced to the semifinals by defeating Park Ji-hyeon 4th dan, Jeong Jun-woo 5th dan, Oh Byeong-woo 5th dan, and Kim Se-hyeon 4th dan respectively.

The matchup for the semi-finals on the 22nd is Moon Min-jong-Kim Jeong-hyeon (0:0), Kwon Hyo-jin-Kim Ki-eon (2:1, opponents in parentheses). In the August ranking, Minjong Moon ranked 28th, Hyojin Kwon ranked 70th, Gieon Kim ranked 201st, and Junghyun Kim was before entering the rankings.

In this tournament, 64 players, including those who have joined since 2020 and the youngest knights, are competing to win the championship as a single tournament. The prize money is 10 million won for the winner and 5 million won for the runner-up.

☞ The 4th Lee Boong-bae Daejin

Kwon Hyo-jin 6th dan (right) left 1 and a half after a close battle in the first confrontation with Jung Jun-woo 1st dan.토토사이트

○●… Li Weiqing Wins the Wangzhong Match

Li Weiqing 9-dan won the 4th China Wangzhongwang Match. Li Weiqing 9-dan took first place with a record of 6 wins and 1 loss in the tournament held in Zhejiang Province from the 8th to the 16th.

The prize money for the King of Kings match is 800,000 yuan (approximately 150 million won) for the winner and 300,000 yuan (approximately 55 million won) for the runner-up, representing China. In the previous tournament format, this tournament competed for the championship with an 8-player full league.

Li Weiqing 9th dan who conquered the 4th Wangzhongwangjeon in China. Last month, the 13th Yongseongjeon was decorated with the first professional championship, and another championship cup was lifted 22 days later.

The 8 members consisted of the most elite knights. They are the winners of the first half, the winners of the world tournament, the first place in the Asian Games men’s selection, and the winners of the official tournament by prize money ranking within one year.

Accordingly, Dinghao 9th Dan (LG Cup, Noodles, Grand Knight), Gu Zihao 9th Dan (Nanga Boat), Li Xuanhao 9th Dan (Wangzhongwang), Miweeting 9th Dan (Thousand Yuan), Swe 9th Dan (TV Shorthand Exhibition), Li Qincheng 9th dan (Ahamdongsan Cup), Li Weiqing 9th dan (Yongshengjian), and Yang Dingxin 9th dan (Asian Games qualifier 1st place) participated.


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