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I still don’t feel like talking about this because it just breaks me, but some people have been asking me on different social media sites why I’m not posting lately and I don’t feel like writing individual posts about this, because again, talking about it just makes me feel worse.

More than a week ago I posted on Twitter that I had someone really important in the hospital. It was my grandmother, she got hospitalised because of pneumonia. A few days later they ran some tests and told us there was something else, she had a really advanced stage of lung cancer with metastasis to the liver. They told us she’s not going to live long, it could happen tomorrow or it could happen three months from now at most.

My grandmother is the most important person in my life, so this is definitely devastating. I’m trying to keep it together, when I’m with her I’m as goofy and silly as always, but once I leave the hospital I just don’t feel like drawing funny comics, posting, or doing anything, really.

Cancer is very common in my family, it took my grandfather, it took my father, my mother had it some years ago but recovered, and my grandmother beat it once before long ago. It just seems to be there at every turn.

One day I’d like to do livestreams and charity events to raise money for cancer research and depression. For now, I’ll probably post very little, if anything.

Thank you for the messages and the good wishes, I really appreciate them, even if I don’t reply. I’m going to end this post before I break down.


Here we were a few months ago.

Here we were a few months ago.

3 Responses to Absence

  1. Enki says:

    Sorry to hear about that, really hope she gets better.

  2. Lipa says:

    Hello Adri! I miss talking to you and I want to know that i’m here if you want to talk. Love U ❤️😘

  3. Clayton Weaver says:

    I’m truly sorry to hear this. My wife and I know what you are going through. Her grandfather and grandmother were both diagnosed with cancer a few months apart. We lost her grandfather 3 yrs ago and her grandmother 2 yrs ago. Her father is fighting bladder cancer right now. No matter how bleak things seem you must never give up hope. Always remember you aren’t going through this alone and that you have people that love you around all the time. It’s difficult, but try to focus on all the good times instead of thinking of the cancer. Your happy memories are what makes it easier to cope with bad things. Hang in there, and just remember that your grandmother wouldn’t want you to be sad during this time. No family member wants our loved ones to be sad.

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