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  • Adriana Game Over

    Creative Pariah


  • I’m a creative person, that’s one of the few things that hasn’t changed since I was a kid.

    Originally I didn’t think about making webcomics, in my free time I usually paint or make music, so I wasn’t very familiar with the comic making process.

    I started doing it because I wanted to add some humour to pretty dark real life events.

    My comics, paintings and ramblings might be offensive to some, however it is to be expected, I’m a blunt person, my content is going to be blunt. For this very reason I will never censor myself, regardless of the response it might get.

    Also, I hate writing biographies.




After going to the hospital daily since the last message and seeing my grandmother get progressively weaker, she passed...

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I still don’t feel like talking about this because it just breaks me, but some people have been asking me on...

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I’ve returned



Just when you thought you got rid of me I’ve returned, like the flu. I know guys, I know, it’s been a while...

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