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10 Responses to “Tumblr”

  1. nevercryanothertear says:

    What’s sad is the delusion that these people live under, as if their words online carry the weight of the universe. I can’t count the amount of times where people have put forth weirdly strung together thoughts as factual information on Tumblr. If we let the dementia of blind opinions online become who we are, then we do a disservice to ourselves. Well done on the comic!

  2. /mu/ says:

    The worst part of this is that these types of people actually exist. It would be fine if they weren’t so delusional and all around awful human beings. And they wonder why no one likes them.

  3. Ticklish Nipple says:

    Oppression Olympics: the Olympic games in which NOBODY WINS.

  4. Nik Newell says:

    Silly people and their made-up princess words.

  5. Marina Monforte says:

    Cool :3

  6. PhasmaFelis says:

    Hey! I just came here from an ad on another site. The art looked nice, so I thought I’d check it out!

    First thing I see is a preview-slice of a comic making fun of disabled queer people.

    You really should keep this one on the top of your site. I’d be sad if I’d read a few other pages and gotten to enjoy your comic first. This way I know to stay the fuck away right off the bat.

    • Hey there.
      I guess it’s for the best. If you’re offended so easily you wouldn’t enjoy the rest of my content.


      • SashaAuberon says:

        You add to stereotypical portrayals that aren’t really true. You use satire to create a false image and perpetuate the misunderstanding of social issues that you obviously don’t understand yourself by using the worst possible examples of them.

        I really enjoy your comic, but it’s easy to recognize prejudice and ignorance when one sees it.

        • I appreciate your input, but exaggeration and satire are part of the humour I tend to make. I don’t feel the need to be politically correct about some subjects and not others because I don’t believe anyone is better than anyone and therefore everyone is “fair game.”
          Many times people refrain from touching certain subjects out of pity and a superiority complex. I do not and I understand if that might seem extreme to some.
          I have many flaws, trust me, but prejudice isn’t one of them.


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