Alternative Dad

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  • Victor Cox

    Ladies and Gentlemen…The current Mother “Role-model”. Gods help us if this keeps becoming a trend…

    • Adriana Game Over

      Thankfully some kids grow up to think for themselves and not follow the footsteps of their parents.

  • EvilPundit

    Thank you for doing a bit to demolish gender stereotypes.

    Of course, most women who have children are good mothers, and most men who have children are good fathers.

    But there are a few on both sides of the gender divide who are not up to scratch.

    • Adriana Game Over

      My pleasure. I really try to show society as it is, different individuals with flaws and virtues regardless of gender, colour and the variants that categorise us.
      We all fuck up, but individual fuck ups shouldn’t lead to stereotypes that affect the whole collective.
      So yeah, both women and men can be excellent parents, and they can be Britney Spears. But accusing a whole gender of not being suited to raise kids is bloody ridiculous.

      Thanks for the comment!
      All the best.

      • c4051668

        Inferior mud races have a bigger proportion of fuck ups than the superior white race though.

  • LadyA

    That daddy with his little girl, change it to a woman and you have me and my daughter. Love your comics.

    • Adriana Game Over

      Thanks a lot!
      Keep on being a great mom.

  • Mark Alvarez

    A Great family comes from Parents and children who communicate. an amount of “story telling” equal to “argument”(that always ends with a “kiss and make-up”)
    I should know. I come from one that does this.

    • Mark Alvarez

      I also somewhat discovered your comics today and I must say, these are very accurate. I like it.

      • Adriana Game Over

        Why, thank you!

  • Paul Ter Gheist

    That alternative dad is soooooo me XD I had to face that kind of look from “normal” people a few weeks ago when playing in the park with my son. I think those people don’t even realize how hurtful their behavior is, and how stupid their stereotypes are. Thanks, I feel much less alone now :)

    • Adriana Game Over

      Pay no mind to people that are too quick to judge, they are not the ones raising your son. And of course you’re not alone!
      All the best for you and your boy.

  • JouMxyzptlk

    Good comic!

    • Adriana Game Over

      Thanks a lot!

  • Unsterblichen Vogel


  • arrancar

    try harder.